4 People Share What It Feels Like to Give People Coffee Mugs

By | January 9, 2019

Think back to your best gift. Not a gift you had last year or a gift your boyfriend gave you. I’m talking about the gift you were given that stays with you. The one that makes you happy every time you think about it. Maybe it was that coffee mug you got from a friend that made you feel like you was somebody. That feeling is special and you should give it to someone who you think needs it now.

Giving a gift is not just something you do to past time. It is a calling you need to do for your life. Coffee mugs for mom is not just a coffee mug you bought. Maybe its not about your life. Maybe its about the person your trying to make happy again. Giving feels good and it should be done withe intention of happiness and friendship connection. Never give something to say “I am a nice person.” Give something to say to people that you want a connection and happiness. Something that goes deeper and words can not fully explain. You just know that make things easier and happier.

There are 4 people who think the same way when it comes to giving gifts to people. These people are generous and believe in connections. Its something more then a pricey gift. Its a bond and a appreciation token. Here are their stories below.

Daughter Gave 96 Pairs of Socks

Mother receives 96 pairs of socks from her daughter. The mother grew up with hand me downs her whole life. Came from a family of 10 siblings. She never really got new socks when she got older. The mother got use to wearing offbrand stuff. Later, her love for tennis was introduced to her daughter. Her daughter wanted her mom to buy new socks for working out, but her mom often refused. One day, her daughter decides to buy her 96 pairs of socks in different styles. The gift fills her with light and she feels more connected to her daughter. Gifts bring in change that money can not bring. This mom wanted socks not high class socks.

A bow for a Father

A son decided to give his father a bow and arrow. The father was well known for being an archer. He would compete in the Olympics and win tournaments. One day, the father caught a diseases. It forced him to stop playing with the bow. The son saw him at the hospital and decided to get a new bow. The son used to practice for hours with his dad. The saw the look in his dad’s eyes when he couldn’t shoot the arrow int eh bull’s eye. He had to bring the spark back into his father. The gift was gold and made to remind the father of the archer he once was. The dad smiled and appreciated the gift. This gift made a father remember what he use to do when he was young. It made him remember that he was somebody once. Some gifts remind us who we are when things are going bad. That is the image the son was trying to have with the father.

Letters Sealed in a Book

A couple use to write love letter to each other back when the internet was not around. Years later, the husband decides to get the love letters and put them in a book. The book represents the connection of love and the struggle they had to go through to one day to be together. They achieved their dream and live together happily. Some gifts you give people are not designed for Christmas. Some are designed to bond the connection of love to a higher level.

A simple Purple Coffee Mug

One mother decided to get another mother a lavender coffee mug for a gift. The two came from the same country and had a lot in common. They would be there for each other if they needed too. The two women did not connect well with the American mothers. They both desired something to remind them of home. The two moms would often drink coffee together and talk about life. This gift is pretty simple but maybe its the simple gifts that make life interesting. Its not a fancy gift. Just a simple coffee gift to show the connection of friendship and to show you have someone to talk to. Some people need someone to talk to and maybe this coffee mug gift is was to remind people. Maybe coffee mugs for mom will remind you of her love. Gifts have many purposes that are large and small.